Friday, March 21, 2008

Calling 'names'

Something that I wrote about way back in Uni....

I wonder if we ever think about how cruel some of the words we throw at people are.

Just a thought....

Eg. have you ever thought how cruel it is to use 'bastard'? The reason for that is that there ARE children who are illegitimate in the world. And I personally know some. And so WHAT if they are? What are you implying when you question someone's legitimacy? Is it really funny to sneer at someone just because he/she is born out of wedlock?

I can tell you that if you called someone whom I know was born out of wedlock a 'bastard', I'd probably give you a bloody nose! Well, no I won't - I don't use my fists - but I would probably jump to the person's defence verbally anyway!

A second one which really, really makes me wince is 'mother f***er'. Oh man, if anyone were to use that around me....!!!

How can anyone NOT see how inanely cruel this is? There ARE some people in the world who are sexually abused by being lured into intercourse with their moms. OK. Fact. Let me be blunt. And when you throw this sneer around joyfully, how do you know it has not met its mark in someone who is desperately hurting from a lifetime of abuse? And don't scoff by telling me that its extremely rare and that it is highly unlikely the person you are freely naming as such is a victim - it is wantonly cruel to take that chance anyway!

Well, many may say I'm making mountains out of molehills, but I don't care!


  1. Beijing Conservatory?? You mean Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing? I checked already, not qualified la... So sad.
    Checked Shanghai Conservatoire as well as Singapore Conservatoire, also not qualified to enter.
    They need A-levels!!!!

  2. Girl, don't give up. You can audition and see. Who knows you can get in?