Monday, April 21, 2008

Love languages

I found it interesting last week when I told someone "You know I love you" (teasingly, more than anything :> We're friends).

He jokingly replied, "You lie!"

And I was like, "Oi! I really do love you!" (with pretend sniffles thrown in!)

Whereupon he said, "Ya, I know. I can see when you comment on my blog."

I found that really interesting because, yeap, as a friend, I really love this guy. He is a rare jewel - a real man of God.

And it made me think of the 5 love languages of people.

Here is the link for the test:-

Basically the question that the test is trying to answer is, "How do you perceive you are loved?"

There are 5 different ways we 'feel' loved, and depending on who we are personality wise, the ways we feel loved are different.

These are through:-

1) Words of affirmation
2) Quality time
3) Receiving gifts
4) Acts of service
5) Physical touch

Word of affirmation can be compliments, encouragement etc.

Quality time is one of those 'REALLY listening, REALLY being there' things.

Gifts we all understand.

Acts of service can be little chores to help out.

Physical touch is probably the least 'Asian' way to show love - hugs, kisses etc.

How do YOU feel loved?

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