Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm proud of this girl. It is not just that she protected the Olympic torch flame and kept smiling throughout the ordeal.

It is because she chose to say, "Most French people are very friendly" and refused to boycott French goods.

I salute this girl: Jin Jing.

Her remarks made her 'unpopular' amongst those who just a short moment ago hailed her as a hero.

Not so long ago, we had our own 'boycott'. We as a nation decided to emphasize that certain goods came from a certain country. Said certain country had offended some of us and we decided to show our displeasure by boycotting the goods of that nation.

Never mind that said nation's entrepeuneurs had already threatened to sue the one person who had done the deed that had set a particular group of people up in arms.

Never mind that said nation's government had apologized repeatedly to the world at large and emphasized that it did not agree with the one person's actions.

No, we must punish the entire nation by boycotting all their goods! That would teach them a lesson!

What a circus that was with red circles being put on certain goods to identify them as coming from said nation, and full-page advertisements taken out by companies whose parent company were in said nation pleading for understanding that 'we are really very Malaysian indeed and we think action A done by person B in the home country of our parent company is per-fect-ly DES-PI-CABLE!'

Listen, I do NOT condone the performance of a deed that in all good conscience serves no good purpose except to offend a particular people group. But neither do I condone punishing a country for the deeds of one of its people!

We teach children 'forgive and forget', 'be the bigger person' and 'just ignore them'. Why can't we do the same?

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