Monday, April 21, 2008


Make me smile
Sometimes you even make me laugh

I enjoy your MSN's
I like the way you always find a joke in everything
I admire and respect the way you stand up for our God

Don't get me wrong
I'm clear that you are and always will remain
A friend

But I want to say
Your friendship has challenged me
To a deeper relationship with God

Your probing questions
Make me think more deeply to make sure
I fully understand the subject we discuss

Your jokes and sense of humour have taught me
That being funny doesn't mean losing your dignity
In fact, it makes people respect you

Thanks for the insights
Into how you think and feel
I appreciate your openness

I've seen you live out
The obedience you preach
Thank you for mirroring the 'real' Christian life

Keep going strong, Man of God

(P.S. No, this blog is not dedicated to the person I wrote about in my previous blog. It's someone else :> )

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