Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visit to AFESIP Cambodia

We rode in this tuk tuk

This is Tom Dy vocational centre for rescued child prostitutes from 16-25 years old.

The girls learn sewing.

They also learn simple typing. They desperately need typing teachers.

In their free time they learn simple arithmetic, reading and writing. It is difficult for them to learn sewing otherwise because of the measurements.

Here they are trained in hair-dressing and facials.

10 girls sleep in this room on mats on the floor!

These are the kids of some of the residents - some of them are pregnant when they come.

This is a painting drawn by one of the residents.

These are the girls who have died of AIDS at the Centre.

This is Kampong Cham centre for rescued child prostitutes from the ages of 6-16 years. The children go to school and study instead of learning vocational work.

They have simple sewing classes after school. Btw, only 2 of the sewing machines actually work!

They also do simple weaving.

This is where they have tuition but it is so hot in here because the roof is zinc and there is no fan.

This is where they sleep.

Sorry but as this is a public domain, I can't put up full frontal photos of the girls... I posted on Facebook though as that is more private.

It really was a special time... the girls are so sweet!

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