Monday, December 22, 2008

Annual shut-down

*yawns* This is my annual shut-down time starting off!

And at the end of about six weeks of coughing, I am sure looking forward to it!

This Wednesday I'm going home to Penang. Looking soooooooo forward to it.

Yesterday Avis and I did a marathon. First, we were in church for Sunday service. I was as usual at the LCD ... and dis was not a good week, ppls! Enuff said! Those involved know why, and those not involved do not need to knows.

As it was I was on high nerves because Uncle Sam told me that he couldn't come for the Christmas Hospital Visitation. I guess I was really worn out trying to cope with work and having to get all e stuff done at the same time plus volunteer work because it was really hard for me to get my equilibrium after that.

Then the LCD incident.... oh mahns.... I kept kicking myself so I wouldn't start howling!

So a few rushing around last-minute thingies to get the Christmas Hospital Visitation and the Undercover Project stuff in order and we were ready to go! Chinese Church was the biggest contingent. Bless their hearts - they have hearts full of love for the suffering and unreached.

We went to the hospital and I was in the kidney failure ward. The mothers talked and talked .... you could see how tense and tired they were with all the worry....

We left there and picked up quick bites and drinks of orange crush from Mc.D's and then went to church to drop off those NOT going for the Undercover Project delivery.

When we got to Ti-Ratana we gave them the underwear we'd collected and the books that Uncle Sam had donated. Then we had a great time wandering around and talking to the kids.

After that we dropped back more people and after Unc. Paul and Auntie Vivien gave us a wonderful dinner (*hugs*!) we went off for volunteer work.

Phew-sies! All in all a great wrap-up to the year, but I'm thankful for a quiet Christmas coming up! I know there are Christmas outings and parties planned and New Year outings etc. but I'm ready to lie flat on my bed and catch up on some nonsensical reading ... and more importantly, just some prayer time.

I really want to know where 2009 is going. I feel so loved and assured now that I'm not somewhere out of church hanging by a thread all by myself, but part of the church in a ministry called by God. (Thanks Pst Bee Leng *huggles*) But where the direction is that missions dept is going, I have no idea. What I'm supposed to do in the volunteer work that I do, I have no idea. Nor in my work, my friends etc.

So it's going to be a quiet time of seeking God and resting my head so that I can look towards Him without a lot of worries and pre-occupations.

See you all next week!

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