Monday, December 15, 2008

Exam results

And the results are in!!!! Ta-daaaaaa... I fiiiinnnaaaaalllllllyyyyyy passed! Finito to all ICAEW exams! Phew!

Got my results during the BBQ at YA Camp and yelled loud enough for all the youths around me to hear.

A little bit sad tho that not all my friends got thru, but happy that many of them did. Thank you God!

It's a bit funny, but .... I think I miss my granny the most now when my results are out than any other time. She was so awfully proud of me when I was doing this qualification, and so excited that I had finished all my papers. I know she'd have been thrilled to hear that I passed, and I can just imagine her happy voice talking to me on the phone about it. But... she isn't around anymore.

Y'know, I was very surprised and very touched to find that she left me a locket. My dad and aunt say that that was my granny's most treasured possession. And she attached a little label to it in her own handwriting with my name on it. Can u imagine? I never knew my granny loved me that much.

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