Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rumah Sayangan outing

Oh isn't she the sweetest? This little girl was clinging to my arm most of the trip with the Rumah Sayangan children to Sg. Chongkak.

Little S was feeling bus sick after a pretty rollicky journey. She is so quiet she wouldn't tell us what is wrong... just overflowed with tears. She went to the side with a housemother and the next thing we knew she was bawling becos the Tiger Balm that the housemother gave her to make her feel better went into her eyes! Oh poor wee girl!

So for the rest of the day she hung on to my arm when eating.... going to the washroom.... walking around the campsite... and uh oh! ... when going in the v. cold river....

So now I'm hacking away ... pain in me right chest... but it was worth it! I had a wonderful time!

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