Monday, December 15, 2008

YA Camp

Ha ha! Have been hopping about blogs reading what everyone says about youth camp. Everyone agrees it was awesome, and it definitely was!

I spent most of it pretty wet, due to a certain amount of ineptitude in pouring water safely from a kettle to a dispenser, but it was all good!

The youths were awesome as usual - one can never be bored around our church youths! They're a loveable crew!

The camp speaker was a friend of our youth leader and he was so all out in preaching the Word. U could see he was someone who had dedicated his life to God and God was using him to pour out into the lives of those around him. The testimonies were awesome! I was especially happy because there were a lot of examples in hospital ministry. Praying that means more ppl will sign up for the children hospital visitation ;> It's so funs, ppls!!!!

The youths were on e high rope and flying fox and it was great to see them so delighted wif it. We had one youth who refused to leave early with his parents until he completed the high rope course. It is sooooooo scarily high, manz. It freaked me out! I was so happy to be down on the ground!

I missed the pond rafting, but I heard three rafts disintegrated or somefing like dat. Ha ha! That means dat my Camp Believe 2007 still holds the record, becos ALL our rafts floated from beginning to end! I am sooooo proud of my orphanage kids!

Missed out on half the skits and songs too, but it is seriously amazing how talented e youths are. God has truly poured out talents into this coming generation to use for His glory! Hey, the best actresses, singers, dancers, artists, craftsmen etc. are in the church, okay!!! Y? Because we are anointed by God for His glory!

Met some new frens, and I have to say, this year's bunch of visitors were so sweet and quiet and good ... it made for a very peaceful, sweet camp, dis year! I thoroughly enjoyed de atmosphere. The less the competition, the more enjoyable the camp, me says! Everyone stays frens!

And I was overjoyed to get a chance to share the gospel wif some of the visitors and especially to watch the other leaders, too, share the gospel. And it was truly awesome to see some of the youths reach out to their relatives. U guys are sooooo cool!

This year was the record - two girls for the clinic, and more medication poured down the throats of the youths then any camp that I've been to before! Good grief! I am so glad God protected everyone from serious illnesses and injury!

And my most fixed memory of camp must be running around getting everyone to finish signing the cards for the advisors, the speakers, Pst Kim and U. Mak..... Phew!

So in summary....

.... I thank God for the camp committee - you guys did an awesome job! I am so proud of you all!

.... I thank God for the camp speaker - you rawk and u went all out! Thanks for making de difference!

.... I thank God for the weather - admit it, u guys, the rain added to the fun of camp! And God sure made sure that the rain didn't come when the youths were playing e fun stuff!

.... I thank God for the privilege of serving - I'm glad I didn't miss out on camp this year, God. Sick or not, camp is too good to miss!

.... I thank God for the messages preached - they spoke to my situation, and they impacted the youths.

.... I thank God for the youths - it is my joy and privilege to see u guys grow year on year! You have all changed so much to become stronger men and women of God, ready to be used by Him for His glory!

.... I thank God for the opportunity to plant seeds and share the toil with the others who are also planting the seeds. May they come to fruition, Lord.

.... I thank God for the chance to just worship - I can't remember worshipping U like that for, like, so so long.

.... I thank God for U. Mak and A. Kim. U guys show us how to live... not just talk and talk, but u walk the walk. I love you!

Most of all, I thank You God. You made all the difference. And I love YOU most of all.

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