Thursday, January 29, 2009

"When u know how much I love you..."

One of the things I really struggle with is jealousy and envy....

I hope that surprises some of you! *lols* I hope it's not that obvious!

It feels to me often that people are better than me, and I get really competitive and try to be better than them.... but I fail....

This is something I really started desperately calling out to God to address in my life. I didn't want to feel jealous of people around me anymore!

And then God softly whispered to me, "When you know how much I love you, and how much I accept you, you won't feel jealous and envious anymore."

That was such a surprise and a revelation to me!

When I examined my heart I realised the Lord was right. In my heart, I didn't feel loved and accepted by Him. I always felt I was not good enough and that feeling made me jealous and envious of those around me who seemed to me 'good enough'.

So I asked Him to show me, again, how much He loved me and accepted me.

And my God is unfolding His love to me every day since.

I love you too, God!

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