Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ean Nee

I went home last weekend mainly because I wanted to visit an ex-classmate of mine.

My school (or one of my schools, anyway!) had a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school all in the same compound. So most of us have seen each other grow through losing our baby teeth, wearing training bras, taking our first major exams all the way to dignified maturity... (ahem!)

This classmate of mine called Ean Nee is currently in ICU in General Hospital. She's been in ICU for 2 months now. She was originally in Pantai, but when the medical bills got too high (read: 6 figures!!!), she had to be transferred out to GH.

So that's where she is now.

Classmates of mine have stayed in touch through Facebook to keep updated on her progress. Christian classmates have gone in to pray for her and we keep praying for her.

So I went with another classmate and met up with another 6 classmates during visiting hours on Saturday. We tried to sneak in as a group but got caught *lols*.

So we patiently waited outside. Finally I went in with two Christian classmates. Ean Nee was in a coma - she normally is - and lately she's been having fits.

At first I really was intimidated by all the tubes and stuff. But then I looked at my friends and said, "Let's pray for her?" and they agreed. So I laid hands on her as did my classmates and began to pray out loud for her. Immediately I felt warmth and confidence sweep over me and I began to pray strongly for her healing.

When I left I touched her cheek and told her 'goodbye'.

It's kind of funny because the last time I was in GH ICU in Penang, I remember I was terrified by another friend's condition. She was also in a coma, also having fits... and I remember that when I visited her, I felt all faith leave me and for once, I was face to face with the reality of my faith - and I found that I DIDN'T have faith!

That Sunday I cried and cried during altar call - it was my first confrontation with the reality of God to me. I found myself crying out, "God, who are You"? And I had been a Christian for about ten years by then!

But this time was different. I believe part of the reason is because of all the hospital visitations. Like David with the bears and the lions before he stoned Goliath, it had been training time for me.

And when I started to pray, I found faith started to flow. Before I prayed, I honestly did not feel faith!

Thank You God for this journey of faith.

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