Thursday, March 12, 2009

Embryonic stem cell research

The debate on embryonic stem cell research is an interesting one to me.

The controversy is simply this :- the research uses human embryonic stem cells. Upon extraction of the stem cells, the embryo will die.

Those who are pro-research argue (very truly) that the embryos were going to be thrown into the garbage can anyway. These are human embryos made by fertility clinics which were not used.

They also argue that early tests show they hold promise in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

Those who are anti-research say that it is nothing short of murder.

So who is right?

I think for those of us (including myself) who perceive gestation as being the beginning of a human life, we would agree that this is murder.

But on the other hand, it can't be argued that the embryo was going to be destroyed anyway, and wouldn't it be better, therefore - more noble, if you will - for the embryo to be sacrificed for a good cause rather than be unceremoniously 'dumped'?

What do you think?

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