Thursday, March 12, 2009

Financial crisis

Been a bit worried lately.... I won't say 'a lot worried' because I try to keep a balance. No point worrying over what I can't control, rite?

Have been calculating and re-calculating finances .... and asking God why my friends had to all decide to get married this year ....*lols*. No, just kidding - it's a happy thing to see them get married :>

It's strenuous doing mental math in my head everytime I want to make a purchase, but on the good side - I've better control over my finances than ever before.

And I've seen God's provision to cover 'worry-areas' - like sponsorship, and monthly expenses etc. Truly He has been very good to me during this period :>

One thing about being an auditor; you can't hide your financial status from me :> I know whether or not u'll be able to pay my fees, not just this year, but in the next following 5 years or so! That adds to the worry....

But I find that God has been good to us in my office to tide us through and to send clients when things start to look gloomy again.

I don't know how long this financial crisis is going to last ... it doesn't look promising till at least late 2010. And that's an optimistic projection!

But I believe that I will come out still able to say "God's been good to me".

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