Friday, March 13, 2009

My friend's doggie

Yeeeeee!!! Sorry-ler, I HAVE to upload my friend Ovira's doggie picture into my blog! I so ger-rrrrraaaammms this dog! Look at that face! He looks like he is smiling! His name is Moka-Chan!

Gerrrrraaaaammmmmssss lerrrrr!!!

See more pics of Moka -


  1. hahah!.. you love my dog??.. me too!.. i miss moka la.. heheh.. but too bad he's gone. hopefully he'll come back soon!!. hehehhehe..


  2. Yes yes! I love him! He is so cute!

    Yah, will pray between now and June that he will come home and I can see Moka when I go to Bali and see u! hehe!