Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sue Ann

Was juz reading her bloggie....

This is my memory of Sue Ann....

When I first came to TOD (I mean to really 'stay' in TOD, lah - I've been 'visitor' since 1998) in July 2003, I was quite used to seeing some of the people like P. Kim and Eunice and A. Ean etc. etc. as I would normally drop in whenever I was in KL.

But it felt at first as if I was still a visitor. U know what I mean? Kinda like, there would be polite smiles and queries as to your health, but not a feeling of being part of a family yet.

Sue Ann was different. I remember in about the second week I came, Sue Ann came up with a big friendly smile and immediately talked to me as if I was just a normal member of this TOD 'family'. She treated me as if I belonged.

I felt so warm and wanted at that stage.

I will never forget that welcome nor the way she makes people feel comfy all the time. SA, I miss u! Looking forward to you coming home, dear.

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