Friday, April 3, 2009

Be Still

Are those words hard for you? They are for me! People think my life is boring (*ahem*!) because it is filled with work, volunteer work and church.

Nowadays they would find it even more boring, because I've emptied my schedule of everything except the basic things needed - church and work.

Was looking at Darlene Zschech's website (thanks for e recommendation, Nadine!) and seeing her work with the less-fortunate children of the world made me feel like running out and helping again.

But I also know that this rest time is ordained by God for me to build on Him my solid foundation. To grow my roots strong in Him.

Lately I've been waking up to worship music resonating in my spirit and my mind. It's beautiful to wake up and I never know what song is going to be there when I wake! Sometimes it quite catches me by surprise.

I learnt after becoming a Young Adult, that it is easy to go through Youth days thinking you know God but not really knowing Him at all. Youth days are filled with youth group meetings, school Christian Fellowship, serving in different ministries, hanging out with church friends, reaching out to your non-believer classmates, youth camp .... and lots of hype-y things that can keep you so busy, you forget to grow your own relationship with God. You forget to take time out away from the noise and bustle just to spend time with Him in your own Quiet Place.

And then you become a Young Adult and all the busy-ness falls away because you are so busy at work that you have no more time to serve. And that's when you realise how strong your own 'roots' and foundation are.

I've seen so many fall away at this stage. Speaking from experience, I believe sometimes it's just the sheer disappointment of finding out that all the hours you spend 'serving' meant nothing in terms of building your own relationship with God.

So it's time to grow roots - feed on the Word of God, spend time in one-to-One worship - get ready. Because when the busy times come again, without a solid foundation in God, I will lose hold of Him. And I never want that to happen again.

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