Monday, April 13, 2009


One of my friends (let's call her X) MSN'd me just now to say that she is going to be mentoring someone. I'm really proud of X for doing so. The person X is mentoring is someone that some of the 'older' Christians have been talking about needing mentoring, but whom none of us (except for friend X) has sufficient a burden for to want to do so.

Mentoring isn't easy. It's a thankless task, filled with tears... and moments of deep joy too :>. There are days when if not for the love of God burning in our hearts, we would give up on the people God gave us to mentor. And that's a wrong thing to do, because to reject someone who has bucket-loads of rejection issues can turn the person away from God for a long, long time.

It's not a duty to take up lightly 'because nobody else wants to do it'. Depend on it, God loves the person enough that in the right time, at the right place, He will send the person a mentor.

I've mentored someone who reminded me of a horse the way the person kicked. But the person still needed love and attention and guidance just as we all do. And in moments of exasperation, the person would remind me by seeking me out again.

Nothing beats the 'highs' .... when someone is still loving God years later... when someone gives a revelation that God gave them in their own quiet time.... when somebody shares a growth in their walk with God that they achieved themselves.... These are moments when the tears of joy in the heart soothe all the pain and scars. It's all worth it.

And after all... this is what Jesus said, "Do you love Me? Feed My sheep".

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