Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Give them Me"

I'd been feeling uncommonly drained lately. More than once I would cry out in my heart when I saw someone with a need, "Lord, I have nothing left to give."

Last Sunday I was in Pst Roderick Tay's church and Pst Roderick himself preached. It was really tough for him to preach because of the stroke he had gone through.

But God spoke to me through this part of the message - Pst Roderick shared that one day he faced a crowd of 40,000 people and he told God, "Lord, even if I gave $1 to each person here, I would not have enough in my bank account to give to all of them. Lord, I have nothing to give them."

And God spoke to him and said, "Give them Me".

Give them Me - give them Jesus!

And Pst Roderick Tay called up the people for prayer and many were healed by God's power.

What a powerful thing to remember and it was a refreshing to my spirit. It was as if God had whispered directly to my ear the answer I needed, "Gillian, give them Me. Give them Jesus."

"I Wish You Jesus" by Scott Wesley Brown

I could wish you joy and peace
To last a whole life long.
I could wish you sunshine
Or a cheerful little song.
Or wish you all the happiness
That this life could bring;
But I wish you Jesus, more than anything.

I could wish you leaves of gold
And may your path be smooth.
I could wish you treasures
Or that all your dreams come true.
And I could wish you paradise
That every day be spring;
But I wish you Jesus, more than anything.

'Cause when I wish you Jesus,
I've wished you everything.

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