Monday, April 27, 2009

TOD Jumble Sale!

This is Caleb with his balloon doggie in a heart. He was arranging it in strange positions earlier...

I thought this was the prettiest booth of all - this is Auntie Carmen's flower booth.

That's Michelle in pink selling organic healthy stuff. Jennifer is in the behind her selling earrings and necklaces she made herself. And right at the back - Michelle with her clothing line!

This is the majorly jumbly section with everyone selling lots and lots of stuff!

Err... Benjamin is just in the piccie! *grin* These are the 'lepak'ers in the lepak corner waiting for the ladies to finish their shopping!


  1. wah!.. nice pics!!.. too bad i missed it! >.<

  2. Talk about strange position with the dog... haha... luckily i shifted it b4 taking picture=.= haha =)

  3. Ovira: Awwies.... never mind dear. Next time!

    Caleb: Ya lah!!!!!!!!