Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a privilege

Sue Ann posted this quote from her ushers' leader on her blog "We tend to elevate the sacrifices of serving God more than the honour of serving Him."

It reminded me of something...

One day in church before prayer meeting, Unc. Mak in his usual polite way said, "Thanks for helping out" to me as I was passing by.

I replied with a grin, "Thanks for serving week after week after week, Uncle Mak."

And without hesitation, or thinking about it first, Uncle Mak said sweetly with a nod, "Oh, it's a privilege."

I remember those words arrested me in my tracks. Not just the sincerity of the words but the heart that is behind the words ... and most of all the truth of those words... just ... I don't know.... walloped me on the head, I suppose!

How true it is that it is our privilege to serve our wonderful God! Just the privilege of serving the most awesome person ever is something others would give much for! And after all He has done for us, can we do less?

Since then those words resonate through my mind whenever I'm tempted to be self-satisfied for serving. I hear the words again, "It's a privilege!"

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