Monday, June 1, 2009

One Lonely Life

This song came from one of my favourite musicals of all time - Who Will Call Him King of Kings by Claire Cloninger. But as I'm narrating from memory, it may be wrong ;>

It's a beautiful song but I can't find a recording of it anymore. The words just resonate in my heart and I think it will be the song many others have in theirs...

One lonely life
One broken heart
Lost without meaning
Or purpose or call

One lonely life
Where can I turn?
And do I matter
At all?

Oh God, are You there?
Do You hear, do You care?
The future's too lonely
To face on my own

Oh God, are You there?
And could You really care?
About one lonely life

In the musical it was sung by the slave girl who was telling people's fortunes by being possessed by a spirit. The Apostle Paul set her free (it's a story from the Bible :> If you'd like the full story, do ask me and I'll message it to you). After she is no longer demon-possessed, her slave owner does not want her anymore because she is "useless to me! Without your gift, you are worth nothing!"

In time the former slave girl hears about Jesus, hears that He loves her and thinks her so important and so worthy of His love that He is willing to die on the cross for her sins to set her free. And she asks Jesus to come into her heart and fill that loneliness within; that hungry thirsting to be loved and valued that all people have.

My prayer for you, and my wish for you, is that you too, may know that Jesus loves you, that He values you and that you are worth so much to Him that He was willing to die on the cross for you so that you could be set free from the Law of Sin and Death. May you too know this great love that is available to you anytime.

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