Friday, May 15, 2009


Such a simple concept!

It can sound so cool to teens to be able to say stuff like, "I don't trust my parents."

When I hear that it makes me think, "Yes, you do. You trust that they will come home tonight. You trust that YOU have a home when you go home tonight. You trust that there will be food on the table for dinner. You trust that they will take care of your basic needs."

I don't say it out loud because I know what they mean - they're thinking of stuff like not trusting that their parents will understand them, not trusting that they won't be nagged at, not trusting that their parents will believe them over their oh-so-angelic-looking younger siblings....

But something so basic as just being able to go home can mean such a lot.

I had a little friend in Singapore - just Sec 1 when I was Sec 4. This little friend came up very agitated one day to confide about why she wasn't getting enough sleep at night. Loan sharks were at her apartment door banging and making a big hoo-ha each night, trying to claim the loans her dad had taken out for his gambling habit.

One of the things she said in a bitter voice too old for her age was, "I'm so disappointed in my daddy. He promised he wasn't going to gamble anymore."

She had to go out to work again as she had had to do in the past to help her mom with normal expenses.

What a basic issue - just being able to trust that your daddy will not gamble so YOU don't have to work, will not borrow from loan sharks so they won't terrorize your family and you can get a good sleep at night.

If you can't trust your family, who can you trust? That's a thought that rings through my mind often.

What a blessing to me that there is an answer - "I will never leave you nor forsake you"

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