Monday, June 22, 2009

Bali Blessing

Kekekekekeke... that's what I call Ovira! She is a Bali Blessing - because she comes from Bali lah! And she has been such a blessing to us.

Last Sunday I went to her church in Bali. Wow! It is like a fortress! Like the kubu I've seen in India - huge and made out of stone. We actually asked her whether or not it was a fort before or built like that and she said, "No lah... we built it lah."

You guys have GOT to see it to believe it!! It is humongous! And the hall....!!! They even have a dancers' room with costumes and a barre and mirrors all the way down one side... sighz....

But the ultimate?

When we walked in, they had already started the first song. And seeing the worshippers standing on stage - I saw something I have never seen before... what it means to worship God with ALL our being.

There was a deep, deep hunger that consumed them totally.

It's kind of, like... we always sing "With all our hearts" and "With our whole being" but part of the 'God-hole' in our lives has already been filled ... with things... with people... We're already satisfied, and only the remaining part is hungry for God.

I am challenged by what it means to be TRULY hungry for God.

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