Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Laura Ling and Euna Lee

It's definitely a fortunate and blessed thing that because of Lisa, Laura's older sister, more people can be mobilized to clamour for the release of Laura and Euna.

They've been sentenced to 12 years in a labour camp. My prayer is that they will never see the inside of one because I doubt two young girls from America would be able to endure the treatment they'd receive at the camp and emerge with their health unscathed.

Just looking at the photo above - this girl has tried to do good in this world... It's heartbreaking to see her suffering this way.

Because of this, her parents have come together. They divorced when she was 7 years old and she chose to live with her dad. The family's circumstances weren't well-off; she put herself through college with her earnings. She started working in TV when she was 16, auditioning herself to get the spot.

With a choice to live a glamour-puss life, she chose to make a difference. And it is beautiful to see that lives she has touched are now coming back to say, "Lisa, you don't know me, but I support you. You're gonna make it through this."

I started this week thinking the world is an ugly place of despair. But there are beautiful things about it too - not the least of which, we're not as alone as we think.

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