Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What will her future be?

I was lying awake thinking about this little girl this morning. She was rescued from a house when she was just 6 years old. Her mom was in the house too ... a house strewn with animal faeces, old and rotting food, cigarette butts, cockroaches ... And this little girl in a corner wearing a dirty diaper (at 6 years old) ... She couldn't speak and she couln't walk... she was only 43 pounds.. a 'profoundly neglecetd' child, as they termed her.

When they took her to hospital, they said she was just like a wild little animal - kicked and grunted - and would only feed from a bottle because she couldn't feed herself.

The welfare department had been alerted about this child before and had visited but deemed nothing was needed... until it was too late.

The foster family who eventually took her in set up a website - http://danisstory.org/ - and I was just browsing through the photos but it made me sad to see her eyes. Even grown up, her eyes look empty.

I wonder if she'll ever be normal. I didn't know malnourishment and neglect could produce such terrible results.... I've met neglected children and abused children, including those who've become what we term 'terencat akal' due to abuse... But just plain neglected... this child has turned out like this.

I wonder what will happen to her.

At 6 years old after being rescued and cleaned up in hospital.

Fostered and then adopted.

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