Monday, September 14, 2009

Best-est celebration

Oh my goodness, I had the most awesome birthday celebration yesterday! God, why do You always do these beautiful, loving, surprising things for me, just when I feel tired and down-ish? I love You!!!!

Auntie Wai Wha took me and a few other birthday ppl - Auntie Ean her family, Auntie Sylvia and her family and Auntie Wai Wha's family and Pst Kim and Uncle Mak also came and Sue Jan too - and we went to Bangsar Tea House which is a lovely, quiet, serene place.

Of course not so quiet and serene once everyone got going! *lols*

Uncle Mak brought his laptop and showed us the NZ photos. I had LOTS of food (I did! I ate it! I did sooooooo!!!!) and was terribly full! I was really grateful to the waitress for clearing the ... uhm.... bowls with some ... uhm.... well, I couldn't finish ALL the food right?! Sure got some excess left, right?! Luckily she cleared it because the 'aunties' were threatening to wait until I finished!

Pst Kim bought a big choccie cake from Secret Recipe - yummies!

Ooh... and I was SHOWERED with prezzies yesterday! Lots and lots of prezzies from Pst Kim and Uncle Mak (*biggest hugs*) and they were my FAVOURITE prezzies too - 3 DVD's of musicals, Wormy the furry worm, choccies amongst others.... Book from Timothy by a great author (so happy!!!!!), prezzie from A. Ean.... *sigh*

And a big, big celebration from Auntie Wai Wha as the cream over everything (as if I wasn't spoiled enough!)

I can't remember the last time someone arranged a celebration like this for me... I was so touched! It was just too sweet. I am blessed with wonderful friends...

*happiest smile*

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