Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Singapore FOT

Going to Singapore always says 'home' to me. I was so happy to be able to join the Singapore convention. Truly God gave my dad the wisdom to insist that I get my passport done on the 28th of August. When we reached the passport office, they told me that it would take ONE MONTH to get my passport done as it was a new passport that I had (unwittingly!) destroyed.

And we were leaving for Singapore on the 29th of September! Oy vey! Imagine if I was even one day late. After days of badgering the passport office, the poor reluctant officer, just back from Hari Raya hols admitted, "Ya, you boleh collect on 28th lah... sebab kita pun ada deadline kan...."

Phew! I collected my passport and zoomed back to KL by plane the evening of the 28th!

We travelled by van on the 29th. It was sooooo fun travelling with Sue Jan because we could yak about dance non-stop. Then... not very far from KL.... our van tyre blew! All we hear was "Boop!" and the next thing we knew, the van was swerving left and right. Uncle Mak was like, sooooo cool; he kept the van steady as it swerved and we got to the side of the road.

Okay, so Sue Jan and I were not exactly freaked... we were more like, "Ooh! Puncture! Puncture! Wah!!! Soooo exciting!! Take photo! Take photo!" Maturity flew out the window! *lols*

Anyway, yeah, poor van tyre was gone case. Out of nowhere these two Indian guys came up to our van and offered to fix the tyre. So, no choice right? Okay lor... We put our suitcases on the road since we didn't have an 'emergency triangle' and Auntie Mayya waved a scarf bee-yew-ti-fully to signal to other drivers that there was an accident and to pass us by.

When the tyre was fixed, the Indian guys wanted to charge us RM100. Like, what?! Finally they agreed to 'settle' for RM50. Uncle Mak drove us to Seremban where we got the tyres professionally fixed (and Pst David told Pst Irene to get BOTH back tyres fixed, just in case!!!) and then we went on our way again.

Smooth ride... till we got to Singapore immigration. Had a small hiccup where poor Auntie Mayya had to go for interview because they couldn't read her passport thru the machine.

We were running pretty late by then... we went straight to the YWCA, did very fast showers, and rushed down for dinner.

Oh yeah, and on the way to dinner, we learnt that the Singaporeans have the strangest sense of humour... we passed a construction site with the weirdest 'safety' signs... most of it in verse. Something like "If you die, someone will cry". I so have to get Sue Jan to put up the piccies of the signs!

Dinner was on a ship that's tied to the dock. That should be the coolest thing ever, right? Did I happen to mention I get sea sick?! Auntie Mayya affirmed that I HAD turned green, just before I decided to abandon ship. Stumbled all the way up to dry ground and struggled not to BARF. Yeurck!

Really liked the ship though! The menu had like the weirdest items... all based on the Bible. Sue Jan and Auntie Mayya were in hysterics over "Joshua and Caleb's minced meat" or something like that!! Auntie Mayya spent the rest of dinner re-naming dishes!

We celebrated Pastor David's birthday too :> The Singaporeans bought a choccie cake. Very delish ... it was finished by the next afternoon!

The next day was spent decorating the YWCA hall. The Singaporeans bought lots of fruits and for the first time we saw veggie at the Feast - cucumbers and tomatoes and celery etc. etc.! Cute lers! And jagung too, which Auntie Mayya spread out artistically over the front of the stage.

There were very few musicians/ singers this trip. Thank God all our team are multi-taskers and multi-talented (except me! XP). Sue Jan led the dance team, Pst Kim did worship leading and backup, Pst Irene did backup and preaching, Auntie Mayya played the violin and the keyboard, and Uncle Mak was the awesome-st of all - he drove the van, did the sound system, and played the keyboard and drums!

Well, Uncle Mak did try to teach me to do the sound system. This is how successfully I learnt how to operate the sound - at one point during a session, Sue Jan came to me and said, "Auntie Mayya's violin no sound". So I was like, "I know how to do! Uncle Mak teach ady!" and I pushed the volume up a bit.

From stage we could see Auntie Mayya shaking her head. So I pushed it up a bit more. Still no go. I pushed it up to max volume. Uh-uh. Finally Sue Jan said, "Must be wrong one lah... try this one." This time, Auntie Mayya nodded okay.

About twenty mins later Uncle Mak rushed down from the stage and came panting into the sound room. I squeaked, "I put full volume ady, Uncle Mak!"

Uncle Mak pushed a button, and, still panting, said, "It's on mute." Sigh.... Boy, am I useful (not!).

Throughout the sessions, God honoured the longing of the Singaporeans for Him. Even though I was right at the back of the hall in the sound room, I could feel His presence descend upon the people so strongly. The messages that God gave for them were words of comfort and healing. It was awesome.

I'm sure they were truly blessed by the message of the Feast of Tabernacles since most of them didn't know what is the Feast about.

(to be continued)

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