Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Holidays Again

It's that time of the year again.... Holidays with cheerful music playing in the background all the way through to Chinese New Year.

It's a really happy time of the year for many. I think I've mentioned a few times though that it can be a pretty lonely time for those who are from broken families.

Seeing happy families shopping together, and eating together, and just the whole 'family-orientation' of the holidays can be pretty tough to stomach. Despite all the resolutions to 'stand strong and stay positive', one's facade tends to crack during the long stretch of winter hols.

I remember once somebody saying to me cheerfully, "Well, stay busy and you won't have time to feel sad!"

I shot back, very truthfully, "I do! Why do you think I organize so many events with the orphanage kids during the holidays?"

Well, it's kinda harder this year because I've taken a sabbatical from my volunteer work and all 'other' work, really. Somehow I'm dreading the days ahead without enough activities to keep me from thinking or feeling too much.

I remember the song...

For every broken heart in need of mending
For every lonely child who needs befriending
For every time the innocent should ever need defending
That's why He came

That's why He came
For all the lost and lonely
That's why He came
For all the questions only love explains
And so that when we need Him
We can call upon His Name
That's why He came

That's why Jesus came... and that's why we celebrate Christmas. It's good to know and good to remember... It means so much more this holiday season than any other.


  1. Can you be my lil sista?

    & let's not get too busy this season, together...

  2. Ailin, that sounds like a good plan :>. We'll watch out for each other and remind ourselves not to get busy.

    Actually, Pst Irene's message so hit home for me... because God has been reaffirming to me a number of times that this quiet time when I do NOTHING is so that I can learn obedience... truly it is only doing HIS will or not my will that is all life is about!