Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is for all those who didn't know it already - CHRISTMAS WHEN YOU ARE SICK IS NO FUN!!!! *lols* Espesh because my relatives were in town and I was so looking forward to it.... then when they came, all my dad and I did was spray them with viruses. Sighz...

But we had a lovely Christmas gathering of my schoolmates in my house and most of my relatives (on dad's side).

And we cousins watched Avatar! Oh my, it was the bestest movie ever!!! Awesome cinematography. And I was amused at how they depicted the 'aliens' with the same markings as the aboriginals in Australia. Alas, the aboriginals story did not end as happily as Avatar's!

Ooh... and the bestest Christmas dinner I can ever remember having! With Christmas turkey and stuffing and ham and all the goodies cooked by my cousins and auntie and uncle! Yums yums yums!!!

I'll update more later... I just stopped here to update beacuse I'm just so not in a working mood! *lols*

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