Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ballet Magnificat

This is my dream place to go... I would love the chance to glorify God through ballet. Somehow my heart is more towards evangelising through dance rather than worshipping God through dance. I think it's because I always feel so self-conscious when I'm dancing and it's hard to worship when you are thinking of yourself and how beautiful you can make something rather than just losing yourself in the worship.

The worse is people coming up all smiles and saying things like, "Wah, you dance so well hor?" and you can only mumble a "Praise God" before wiggling your way away from the person.

At least when I am dancing to evangelise, my whole focus is on God reaching people and touching lives through the dance and I can just forget myself. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity... but if not... the next generation. Someday.

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