Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carmen and Paquita

I'm so blessed to have a chance to watch Carmen and Paquita last Sunday night at the Istana Budaya. My dance teacher bought me the tickets as a gift and I felt soooooooo guilty. But I'm glad I went... It was awesomely good!

I was pretty skeptical about how good it would be - blame me, I have a cynicism where Malaysian artistes are concerned! When I arrived at the hall and saw that there were professional dancers involved as well, I thought, "Phew! That's a relief!" and "Oh my goodness, how embarassing! I hope our dancers don't do TOO badly, and give them a bad impression of us!"

Which wasn't the case at all! If anything, after watching the performance, I felt our Malaysian dancers did better than the Japanese students (who were the corps de ballet). Of course, that's partly because the Malaysian dancers were the prizewinners of the Malaysian Ballet Competition by TDS and semi-professional in their own right.

Mind you, even the children danced surprisingly well! And I remember one kid in particular seemed to light up the whole stage with her smile... she had stage presence; very important for any performer to learn.

The male lead was STUNNING! I was so impressed with his leaps! I normally do not like watching male dancers because they tend to be so-so, but this guy obviously wasn't!

Ena herself who danced Carmen was okay-ish but I wasn't very, very impressed. I have a few fave dancers in America/ Russia and I think their technique is better (my teacher and I always argue about this - I insist technique is more important, she argues artistry is equally important! *lols*)

I google'd Carmen and Paquita when I got home and stumbled onto a few Malaysian ballet student blogs, including those who were ex-prize winners of the competition or who were dancing in the performance. I really felt so awfully jealous of those who got the chance to go to ballet summer school as their prize for winning the ballet competition. What an awesome privilege! It's so nice!

Oh, and I did learn something from watching Carmen and Paquita. If you want to get anywhere in the ballet world and you're stuck in Malaysia, join Ellie Zhou ballet studio! *lols* They produced the most and the best performers!

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