Monday, February 8, 2010

But As For Me...

I literally felt heart-sick at one point last weekend... Thinking and reflecting about the human race (I include myself!)... Thinking about how people live for themselves and refuse to extend their hands to others...

You know I know very few selfless people in this world? One of those I know is Pst Kim in my church... that is truly someone who can work all the way for others. She can literally give up her life to be there for other people, to do jobs that will benefit other people, to go the extra mile to help, rather than use those same precious minutes and hours for the things she likes and to save her energy to do the things she wants to do.

Another person I know is Somaly Mam, founder of AFESIP. She puts her life at risk every day to rescue the child prostitutes in Cambodia. She doesn't look for riches for herself or nice things... there wouldn't be much point since some people have already burnt down her foster parents house to revenge themselves on the work she does... doubtless it won't be long before they try the same on her. Her life has been threatened, but it doesn't stop her walking boldly into a brothel and picking up the children there and walking out with them.

Yet another I know of is Christina Noble... she works with the street children in Vietnam and Mongolia. It's a whole different life for an 'ang moh'. Hot and dirty and smelly... and needs, needs, needs all around her. She doesn't have a minute left over just to enjoy 'self'. All her time and energy is spent giving street kids a different life.

I guess the thing about all these ladies is that they have suffered. They've gone through much in childhood. And out of that, just as crushed blossoms exude fragrance... they, too, release their lives as 'frangrance' to bless others.

Does it take pain and suffering before people live for others? I posted about Sr. Paulina before... the pain that she went through before starting the prison dog program to reach out to inmates. Her life certainly seems to say so.

I believe each person chooses how to live their life... I believe that few people who've been abused survive abuse and live to be the 'success' stories of humanity. Those we champion are those who made choices that were nearly impossible... and made it.

And as for me, what will be my choice? To live for myself because others around me do so? Or to care and to love and to reach out and to help?

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