Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prison Dogs

Yesterday I was watching a movie on Sr Pauline Quinn... the nun who started the prison dogs program.

I was really impressed that they had 100% of the ladies who left the prison NOT going back to prison! Those are awesome numbers! I guess it's the love of a dog... never rejecting... never judging... always loving and forgiving...

Sr Pauline Quinn went through hell herself and she used what she'd gone through to extend hope to others who are still going through hell. This is her story... http://www.pathwaystohope.org/more.html

One part of the movie that touched me was when she showed her arms (in the movie, of course! Not the real piccie!) which were scarred from burning and cutting herself and being tied in mental institutions. I could understand perfectly what she meant by, "transferring unbearable emotional pain into manageable physical pain". I've been there.

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