Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Uncle Mak's Birthday Cupcakes

Sheryl from BITO was so kind.... she changed her plans just to make these beautiful cupcakes for Uncle Mak.

Uncle Mak is our worship director. Every Friday when I see Uncle Mak at prayer meeting, I will say, "Thank you for serving, Uncle Mak!" as quickly as possible so as to be the first one to say it! Then Uncle Mak will say, "It's a privilege!" Some weeks, Uncle Mak will say it before I do! It's just a funny joke, because I once wrote an essay about how Uncle Mak said, "It's a privilege" when I said thank you to him for serving, and ever since then, either he or I will say, "It's a privilege!"

Rachel Yao went with me to collect the birthday cuppies because she was afraid I would pass out halfway from asthma! *lols* Thanks Rachel <3... I enjoyed talking with u all the way to Bukit Jalil and back, and more, I really appreciate your concern... you didn't know it, but I felt pretty unwell last Sunday and it helped a lot to have you along.

I asked different church members to please introduce Uncle Mak when we present the birthday cupcakes to him at Psalmist, our church's coffee house, but everyone was really shy and didn't know what to say.

Thank God for dear Mayya... she spoke beautifully! After the visiting Russian speakers had finished their presentation, she gave a speech about Uncle Mak and Pst Kim came over and lead him by the hand to the front where Christina had carried the cupcakes and lit the candle.

Then we all sang Happy Birthday and Blessed Birthday and then some church members went to the front to see the lovely cuppies! But I noticed when they ate the cupcakes, everyone left the pictures behind like so scared to eat the picture like that!

I'm glad we got the chance to do something nice for Uncle Mak... he is so quiet and serves so faithfully and very supportive, and he loves Pst Kim to BITS! I think that to me, coming from my family, is so important... I love to watch their love for each other... It makes me think, maybe, a happy marriage ISN'T impossible after all.

Uncle Mak and Pst Kim are a beautiful couple who show the church and especially the youths by example how Christians should live their life... serving quietly, faithfully, with good character and gratitude and love. Thank you both of you... I <3 you!

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