Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How are you?

Keep thinking about you today... wondering if you're okay.

Saw the message left by your friend saying not to leave messages on your FB wall and to respect your right to grieve privately. Understand... won't bother you.

You know how I remember you? As this really spunky, brave, bold, bright gal who is a natural leader... and somehow I always associate you with sunshine! I think you would be surprised since you described yourself as someone with a naturally, turning-down mouth.

I've never seen you cry before... at the recent funeral was the first time I've ever seen you cry... And my heart aches for you...

There are a hundred, well-meant platitudes that can be said, but I don't know which to grasp that will make a difference. All the Bible verses in the world, and I don't know which you need to hear. Yes, you have the assurance she is in Heaven, but does that make a difference when you miss her today?

I guess all I can do or say at this moment is, I'm praying for you...

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