Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As You See Me ...

I love the story behind this question....

When Oprah opened her school in South Africa, she interviewed hundreds of girls to personally hand-select the girls who would make it into her school.

And out of those hundreds of girls, one brave girl gathered up enough courage to ask this question: "As you see me, do you think that I'm good enough to be selected to go to the school?"

That question just struck home with me. I think all of us ask that in our hearts when facing the people whose opinions matter to us.

Yesterday, I was chatting on MSN with a friend who is conducting sexual abuse awareness programmes in Shelters and Homes in Malaysia. That digital conversation is still fresh on my mind.

I was thinking of the huge burden and weight of shame pressing down on the shoulders of survivors of sexual abuse.

I wonder how many of them still ask inside, "As you see me, do you think that I'm good enough?"

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