Monday, July 5, 2010

Camp Vision Follow-Up

Last Saturday, June, Samantha and I visited the Home where the Malaysian girls who attended Camp Vision 2010 were staying.

It was really emotional when the girls first saw us... plenty of tears again! I guess they thought we wouldn't come back...

What really touched me was when we asked them how the Camp had been for them. One and all gave such feedback as, "It was the best camp I've ever attended." "I've never attended a camp like this where I learnt something from EVERY activity." "I got to do activities I've never had the chance to do in any other camp." "I felt so supported and encouraged to achieve my dreams." "I learnt to trust myself and to trust my friends... before this, I couldn't trust anyone."

It brought tears to my eyes! I was so, so happy to see the joy and happiness in the faces of each girl and to hear how Camp Vision had changed the direction of their lives.

Thanks so much, Camp Vision, for what you've done for the orphange youths of Malaysia.

Agape, I love you!

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