Saturday, July 10, 2010

EA: 1st week back to Singapore

I promised Yuk Wai that I'd document the journey through Camp Vision Expedition for him. So here goes...

It's 4-something a.m. in the morning. I'm typing frantically on a proposal that MUST go out on Monday. If mice want to play, mice must pay! I recognized when I first signed up to be part of CV Expedition 2010 that I had to sacrifice everything else for the privilege of being part of this journey.

People sound pretty amazed when I tell them I'm going to Singapore each weekend just to join the CV Expedition preparation. I guess I learnt something important about myself from just signing up. That I'm a pretty tenacious bulldog of a person! *lols*

Camp Vision gave me a glimpse of what COULD be done in the lives of the youths. The feedback from our own youths - that they learnt something from EVERY activity; that it had changed their lives - alerted me to the fact that this was a possible successful program to bring back to the orphanage youths of Malaysia.

What is the difference about Camp Vision? I think I agree with Yuk Wai - the difference is they work with their HEARTS. It makes all the difference when you bring your heart and passion to the youths and show them you're willing to give your all for their sakes. Nobody in their lives could care less about them otherwise!

So I've got to finish up this proposal and get myself ready by 7a.m. God must have put the bus stop for the bus to Singapore within walking distance for a reason ;>... He knew this krazy child of His would need it every week at some point!

I'm.... apprehensive. I don't know whether I can contribute, what it'll be like working with exceptional volunteers (as people, they scare me - they're so hyper-efficient and with tons of mega-energy!), whether I'll run out of petrol halfway :>....

But even today when I was feeling nervous, I reminded myself why I'm going on this journey. To make a difference for the orphanage youths in Malaysia.

And that calmed me down and refocused me. Okay... gotta get back to my proposal. Ciao!

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