Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EA: Pushing thru!

Yuk Wai, I know I promised to keep updating on 'the journey', but I don't know how I'll ever find time!

Right now I'm busily trying to expand the network to get the funds for Camp Vision Expedition. I believe that we need to get that cleared out of the way and then we can concentrate on our favourite part - spending time with and impacting our youths!

Yeah, we can leave a margin of fund-raising to be done 'together', but at the end of the day, it's the 'adults' who will raise most of the funds!

So I've written to Tony Fernandes of AirAsia to ask them if they will sponsor the air tickets to Kolkota.

Su Yin has given me a great network with a lady who doesn't even know me but offered to allow us to post about the work we're doing with the RACTAR girls on her online mag. She has biz contacts who read her mag; what an amazing opportunity! Have to write that article and pass it to her.

Have sent letter asking Marina Mahathir if she would speak to the RACTAR girls and inspire and empower them...

And you know what this all reminds me of? The 'push' we practised in Camp Vision... to push through to achieve your goals. Because this is what it feels like.... keep going, keep pushing through every blockade... go through one, and another springs up! But keep going!

The weird part is .... I didn't even take part in the push activity! *lols* Like every other activity where I was afraid I would 'breakdown' at some point, I sneaked out of it. Hmmm.... curious how life works out, huh?

In short, I'm doing things I never thought I'd do. I'm 'too shy', 'not my thing', 'too quiet', 'who'd listen to me?'.... And yet... wow... I AM moving along the journey!


Perseverance PUSH!!

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