Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sometimes people ask me why I do so much volunteering... what moves me to do this. Most of the time I shrug and say, "This is how God made me." And that's very true, because I really was born just like this and I believe it's because God made me to fulfil a need just as He made all of us to fulfil some 'space' in this world that is empty until we come along to fill it.

But also, I remember....

In my family, I was so much the Lucky One. That's how I always thought of myself. I would see my brother and sister going through so much pain... but all I could do was watch.

And I remember as a child, one day, making a quiet promise to myself... "Now, I can't help my brother and sister because I'm still small myself. But someday, I'm going to help other children who are in the same pain they are in today."

And you know what? Today... I am!


  1. And you are making an amazing difference in the lives of so many people! Oh Gillian the world would be so so so different and so so SO much more bleak without just your ONE life. I thank God that He made you the way He did. :)

  2. Oh Becky! *biggest hugs* Thank you so much, precious, beautiful one! You have been a delight to know with your heart and passion for people who need someone to be there for them and defend them... for the fresh and unusual way you live for others... Becky, you are a friend in the truest meaning of the word! Love you!