Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crummy tummy!

Feeling so blegh! Yucks! Was basically passing tons of liquid yesterday. No idea what on earth is wrong with my tummy. You'd think after all the years of abuse, it'd be much stronger than this! Naughty organ! Must be trying to get some TLC after so much battering!

Went for health check up today... thought I'd better double-confirm whether or not it's all right for me to go to Sikkim. The doctor was really nice and encouraging... until she took my blood pressure. Then she was like... "Oh.. uhm... 92/68." (something like that lah! I can't remember!) I was quite cheerful about it because I KNOW that is where my blood pressure is around, but she wasn't too pleased. "Very low huh?"

So then she checks my pulse... "88... too high huh?"

Then pulls down my eyelid..."Very pale. See your fingers? Uhm... ya, very pale."

Err... hello? My dad calls me "Daughter of Paleface" because I'm permanently pale. I did tell the doc I had thalessemia trait... there's nothing I can do about the pallor!

Then she asks the stomach-sinking question, "Do you HAVE to go to Sikkim? Can you get out of it?"

I was desperately saying, "That's why I came to you! Do you think I need to pull out? Can I go?"

And she looked at her notes and went, "Uhm...."

Hoo boy....

Anyway, final decisions will come when the blood test results are out which will be next Monday. *Crosses two fingers* that all I need is bottles of iron and folic acid to take up to Sikkim... stupid red blood cells of mine don't store enuff unfortunately.

And of course... her advice... "Start exercising NOW!" Yes m'am! Will do! ;>

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