Monday, August 16, 2010

EA: Expedition Agapians

It is so easy to take the people who are alongside you on the journey for granted. I'm deeply grateful for each and every beautiful person serving on EA committee.

I've got a few more documents to prepare for the Expedition Agape committee meeting tomorrow. In about 12 hours time, I'll be at the bus station waiting to leave for

But anytime I'm tempted to feel even the remotest bit tired or weary, my mind flies to the other members of the Team.

I think of Serene and Calvin who are getting married soon... in fact, in the middle of Expedition Agape! With all the wedding preparations to do, and everything to get ready... you readers who have gone through the process know what a tedious thing it is... and moving house to boot!, this couple have never stopped tirelessly serving with excellence as Chairpeople (Chaircouple? :)) of Expedition Agape.

I think of Nicholas who is still looking for a permanent full-time job. He still willingly agreed to go on the Reconnaissance trip which won't be fully funded and the portion that is, won't arrive that soon.

Or Shu Fen who is going to take a major ballet exam in a couple of months time, also in the middle of Expedition Agape. (I take ballet, 'kay – I DO know that it is a major ballet exam!. One of my teachers told her students who were taking the same exam that nothing less than a commitment of four classes a week would be expected before she would allow them to sit for the exam.)

Or of David, who is gamely serving as programmes person (major role!) and who is in the midst of a career change in the pursuit of his dream.

Lin Lin is serving in the Youth Olympic Games that are being held in Singapore – happening very soon! And Phi Fern's students are participating as performers in the Games!

I know each and every one of the Expedition Agape committee members has a similar story to tell of sacrifice, hard work and a dedication to serve that prevails over the tiredness, the constant demands on time and prerequisite amounts of love and attention poured out to the youths.

Because that's the kind of people they are. Loving, caring, giving, dedicated, sacrificing, hardworking... just beautiful people that it is a privilege to know as friends and to work together in a team with. It is people like this who make a difference to humanity and to the world.

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