Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am really awed by one thing about this team in Expedition Agape - how very hard each and every single member works!

I guess I'm used to a potpourri of members, and every team I've met so far has a few people who are dedicated and going all out as workers, a couple are leaders, there is ALWAYS a comedian who doesn't do much but keeps everyone in good humour, and there are a few quiet members who don't do much, don't say much, and somehow slip under the radar by doing just enough and being peaceful.

This team is really different. Each member is vibrant, detailed and works as hard as hell! (something is so wrong with that metaphor...) I really am amazed by the amount of work each person is given and manages to clear every week.... the sheer dedication they have to the Cause.

It may seem that we sometimes have doubts and unsure moments, but look at the way we work... we DO believe in what we're doing in the youths. It has captured our hearts to the extent that we are willing to give time, energy, money, everything we can to make it happen.

It is so beautiful to watch it 'be created'. I love it!

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