Saturday, August 28, 2010

EA: Twice the price

This journey is tough. It's wonderful and inspiring but it isn't easy.

It's 1:06a.m. according to the big Maxis clock outside my window. I'm still working on my laptop on a consolidated financial report for work.

I had a volunteers' meeting in Sunway area for the Malaysian Extra Mile program at 8p.m. which meant leaving my office by 6:30p.m. because of the jam. I reached home at about 10p.m. And started work (in between emailing re: E. Agape stuff) till now.

By 5:10a.m. - about four hours time! - I will need to leave my house and start walking to the bus station. I'm bringing a rolling bag this time... the file for E. Agape plus a laptop is a bit much to carry along with all my other stuff.

More documents to redo for E. Agape... got to get those done too. Thankfully not for this Sunday. I need to keep sharp for this Sun's meeting... got to clear finance matters this week. My brain has been half-asleep all week.

Sometimes I think I have twice the price to pay - in terms of length of journey and costs involved - because I have twice the benefits to reap.

There is so much at stake in what I do - the 'reward' is having the Malaysian youths come along the journey next year - their having the opportunity to participate in a journey that will expedite their growth and self-development, so that in 6 months, they will have reached self-growth that it would take years for them to achieve otherwise.

So I keep my eyes on the finishing line and the race beyond ... to remind myself that it will be all worth it in the end.

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