Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last weekend

I know! I have to update this bloggie to write about the RACTAR girls... later can ah, Yuk Wai? I'm really whacked!

I was really thrilled to be in KL for the weekend coz it meant I could complete some errands that had been pending. Ran around in the morning completing errands and then went over to Taman Equine to my ballet school.

Promised to help my ballet teacher torture ... err... teach her students. Have to help Teacher June replace four classes on the 21st, so need to come in for two Saturdays before the 21st to learn what she does.

Yeow-ie!!! News flash - I cannot teach ballet. Seeing them squeal as Teacher June forced their legs over their heads was terrible! I thot I'm pretty hard-hearted... but I guess I have my softie side. She kept telling me, "You don't have to be so kind, Gillian."... but when I pull their legs, they already start whimpering, "Ah.... ah...." and I don't want the 'Ahs' to turn into screams of pain!

There was one girl... when Teacher June knelt on her back as she lay on her tummy with her legs in the split position (this is to extend the split further) she yelled and sat up. Teacher June told her if she did that again, she'd sit on her longer! Ow-w-w-w-w-w!

After that I rushed home to shower before visiting my aunt. My cousin has a new baby! And she's a-do-ra-ble! She's so very tiny!

And she has nice flexible ankles and what looks like promising toes-ies for pointe work.

Oooh... I so hope she can do ballet when she grows up! If not my own daughter, I want ONE niece to train up to dance ballet!

I got home past 11 and I think I slept at about 1:30 a.m... Couldn't sleep somehow. Woke up at 3:20 a.m. to start getting ready. Drove to airport an hour later.

AirAsia tip: They require you to check in two hours before the flight or else they will cancel your seat. But you are not allowed in the boarding gate until one hour before the flight! No matter... thank God I had my laptop with me since I needed it for the RACTAR girls session in the evening and didn't dare leave it in the car. Had a nice time sipping hot choccie and surfing the Net!

Once I got to Sg, it was rush, rush, rush. I hopped from MRT to MRT and then speed-walked to the temple where my friend's wedding would be held.

We have to take off our shoes and wear a veil when we go into the temple. The wedding was upstairs in the temple hall and everyone sat on the floor.

There was a team of three chanters beating a gong. The chanting was so beautiful and peaceful, and I loved the harmonious sound of everyone murmuring the chants together.

I was surprised too to see that the verses they used echoed the verses we used in church. At the end of the day, we are all seeking God with all our hearts, minds and strengths.

My friend looked absolutely gorgeous... she has turned out so beautiful and womanly!

I had to rush off after 45 mins at the wedding though... had to dash to the airport and hang around (again!) whilst waiting for my flight back to Malaysia!

Thank goodness, the flight came in with 15 mins to spare! That is seriously excellent for AirAsia! I don't know what the flight itself was like... I ko'ed on the plane! Tip for travellers: it is really refreshing to sleep on the plane even if it's a very short journey!

I felt tons better when I woke up and got into my car to drive to RACTAR.

And here I'll stop as there is much to share on that!

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