Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Family

"Create a new family" seems to be advice that I read over and over again as I peruse different articles for the Agapians on children from dysfunctional families.

I love it! I love the concept. I believe it's something that adult children from dysfunctional families automatically do after they've accepted that their biological family is what it is and can't be different.

Sometimes, when I hear friends say things like, "I know my family will always be there for me" or like recently a friend posted on FB, "Siblings love is the best"... I get a little envious. Sometimes I get a little sad.

But then, God has given me so many friends whom I know from just silly things like the comments they post on my FB and blog, SMS's they send and times when we meet up, that they love me.

Their love can never be what family love is supposed to be. But you know what - in its own way, their love is 'perfect'. It is 'good enough'.

It truly is a heaven-sent gift from God to have 'a new family'. Each one is so precious... thank You God. I don't know how to thank You enough for all the beautiful people You have given me as friends. Help me be the friend they need me to be. Help me never to take any of them for granted.

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