Monday, August 30, 2010

Notes for my own record...

Just writing down the things that I want to remember someday for when I start counselling girls who've been sexually abused.

I want to remember to let them know that...

... they aren't 'dirty';
... what they tell me can't make me dirty;
... what they tell me can't shock me or 'hurt me' or expose me to something that my soul hasn't touched before and can't bear;
... I won't hurt them when they tell me their story;
... I won't be disgusted by what they tell me or by their exposed souls;
... I won't think they are 'bad';
... I won't think they 'deserved it';
... I won't think they 'asked for it';
... that there's nothing in them that had caused the abusers to think that they were 'asking for it'.

These 'truths' seem so clear to others, but somehow these lies are so rooted in the minds of girls who have been hurt that it prevents them from telling their story and exposing the abcessed wound to healing. I want to help girls tell.


  1. I'm so excited to see you start working with them and beginning to set these girls free in the name of JESUS!

  2. I pray so, dear... The dream can seem so far away sometimes!

    You know, one day, I realised that I had thought of HOW to make the girls speak, but not WHY. What was the point?