Friday, August 6, 2010

One hand extended always...

Concerned about two precious people today...

One is my most precious girl from one of the Homes... she is always and has always been in my heart. So much spunk and courage! She endured a horrendous past to come out victorious ... steadfastly pursuing her studies, even turning down 'fun' activities to concentrate on getting good results, so that she could get a well-paying job when she grows up.

She wrote in FB that she keeps crying lately... something happened and it seems to have opened the dam for her.

Another girl is also a very spunky and fun person :). She's still studying in college. Her mom passed away a month plus ago... just before I started Expedition Agape. And there are no words to heal that kind of pain.

I can't bring her mom back. I can't tell her the memories will always be there; what good would that do? I can't tell her to be strong; she is being as strong as she can. She asked me to pray, and dear precious girl, I am praying for you.

But what can I do? Only time and love can heal these kind of wounds.

God, You gave me the eyes to see pain and hurt and brokenness and loneliness... Please, would You send someone to teach me to switch it off once in a while? I think my heart might break otherwise....

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