Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a Night!

Ha ha! Even the mamak stall 'brudder' asked me, "Sleepy ah?" when he saw me this morning!

First, I finally caught up with my 'little sister'.... AVIS!!! Oh gosh, I've missed her lots...

Avis has been so busy since she started working in Malaysian Psychology Centre.

She's now independently counselling people... I am so proud of her for achieving her dreams! She was really proud too... she has just turned 25, and it is an achievement for her.

Avis and I used to go volunteer together, and our schedule was exhausting in those days! We would quickly munch our way through the church packed lunch, dash out and into my car, drive down to Chow Kit (the red light district of Kuala Lumpur) and rush up to PAKKCK - the drop-in centre for street kids.

We would conduct English tuition for one hour (not that I think I taught the kids anything ;>).... she would take the older kids because she knew how to be strict when she had to be, and I would take the little ones, because I don't know how to be strict!

Then we would straightaway dash back to Avis' house... I'd drop her off and zoom back to my own, take a quick shower, and drive straight back to Avis' house. I'd pick her up, and we'd go off to Petaling Jaya to Rumah Hope where the Youth Leadership Mentoring sessions were being held.

Our Sundays would end at 10p.m. (not including supper!) And both of us were serving in church. Yeah, we're a little bit crazy :). It was so fun having a 'little sis' to share the experience with and to discuss about the kids with.

We went out yesterday for Korean food for dinner (my motherly little sis reminded me, "Must eat ah!")... and yakked and yeakked. I showed her all the files on Expedition Agape and Extra Mile... knew she'd love it!

Then we had hot choccie and ice-blendeds at Dome. Loves!

I slept at 11:30+. Then an angel must have woke me up... I started coming out of sleep at about 3a.m.... and my handphone went 'beep beep!'

Wow... who's sms'ing at that hour? Picked it up, and my precious girl from one of the Homes had sms'd to say "Sis, can you please call me? I need to talk to you."

Called her straight back and we talked for about 40 mins. I was really glad she had sms'd as I was worried about her and was glad to know what was bothering her and reassure and coach her.

I hope I helped....

It was pretty hard to wake up this morning, but here I am... raring to go! Another new day!

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