Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful People

I met such lovely people over the weekend...

When I arrived in Singapore, I had to re-activate a dormant bank account in POSB. Armed with luggage (I said I just arrived!), I trotted into the nearest POSB right next to where the bus stopped (yeap, I'm terrifically blessed always!) and went to the counter I was directed to.

The lady there was so helpful! She took down my details and patiently changed them one by one (and trust me, there were a LOT of details to change... I was half my age now when I opened the bank account!). She would ask, "What about this?" and "What about that?" and never minded having to change yet another detail.

There was a button thingy to press for 'rate my service'... and it had the funniest requirements - it asked whether the officer had smiled and said good morning and thank you and all those sort of things. I pressed "Excellent" even though she was somewhat serious, because her service WAS excellent... who cared whether or not she smiled? She was willing to go the extra mile for me as a customer, and I was so, so grateful.

I left POSB so uplifted after that encounter!

I finally got to meet Jayne whom I had heard the other Expedition Agape members talk about. Jayne works in JetAirways and by the side, she organizes help for people in less fortunate areas like Sikkim. She is a decisive young woman... very much a leader. She shared with so much passion about the people in Sikkim and the changes that she wanted to bring there. The work that she does, persuading JetAirways to give discounts etc. and allow extra luggage for people who are visiting these remote areas to help the people in the community, is above and beyond her jobscope.

She, too, is somewhat serious. But so full of passion for people with a great heart to change the world.

On Sunday, I bought a birthday cake from Secret Recipe for Phi Fern, one of the EA team members. And the uncle who runs the place at first sounded awfully grumpy-ish. But you know what - when I went to collect the cake, he hadn't decorated it with the name yet. And he told me, "Oh, wait ah..." and then he proceeded to not just write the name and the Happy Birthday message, he lovingly put the flowers in gently and sprinkled beautiful sprinkles all round the cake. He did it with so much love and care, it was such a work of art after that. How I appreciated what he had done - making the cake extra-special and beautiful for someone's birthday, when he doesn't know the person! I was so touched!

And you know what else was so, so sweet? I was juggling a laptop bag, a file bag, my handbag and the birthday cake from Secret Recipe on the bus. It was somewhat jiggle-juggly to carry all this AND balance at the same time because there were no seats.

WELL! An elderly couple were sitting near to where I was standing. And the elderly man, with the sweetest smile, offered with outstretched arms to take my cake and carry it for me! Awwssss! Hearts melt!!!! I shook my head 'no' but that SO made my day and made me smile. And he made a difference, because the young lady sitting in front noticed and quickly offered too to put my cake next to her (actually there was an empty seat there but she didn't scootch over so I couldn't sit with all the 'bulk' I was carrying). Kindness truly goes round and round! I shook my head 'no' again, and for the rest of the busride I had the silliest smile on my face! I love beautiful moments of kindness amongst strangers like this!

Oh, and the kindest of blessings? I was really, really late for my flight home. I knew I couldn't change the flight because it was the cheap flight - the kind where there are no refunds, no rebates, no whatever! I was sitting in somewhat abject despair on the MRT as I watched the minutes tick away.

I rushed into the airport, collected my bag from 'left luggage' and hurried to the screen to see 'Gate Closing' next to my flight! I hurried over (somewhat slowly! I'm such a slowcoach!) to the counter and presented my passport and asked if I could board. The gentleman at the counter shook his head 'no' and said that the flight had closed, and I would need to buy a new ticket.

I was quite resigned to that - it was my own fault for dilly-dallying. But the gentleman next to him asked which flight it was, and being told the flight number, he went over to ask someone for permission to let me board the flight! <3 Awwssss.... And yes, they let me through! I hurried all the way and caught the flight without having to pay for an extra ticket!

People are so beautiful, aren't they? Inside their hearts, there is so much of 'sharing' - of you and I in this world, together, so let's all scootch over to make space and lend a helping hand. We're so different, and yet, how beautiful we make the world with our differences. I was truly blessed this entire weekend and I feel so refreshed today. What a wonderful world... truly!

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